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Since 2021, Ascend Virtual Staffing Solutions was and is committed to helping Americans bridge gaps in their personal economy by providing innovative revenue solutions, whether it’s by earning additional income working from home or working full-time, as an independent contractor. Whether it’s to make ends meet, earn extra income to pay off bills, or grow your savings, in today’s times we’ve learned that the only way to ensure a legacy is to build it through one’s own effort, brick by brick. We are the place where freedom & convenience meets opportunity; and we’re here to help you ascend.


Corrida Greene

Founder and CEO of Ascend Virtual Solutions & CMG Holdings Company

Corrida attended Clemson University and is certified Wharton School of Business Entrepreneur. With that, she’s also been certified as a Minority Business Executive by the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond. She has a proven track record of helping others achieve their goals, and she has built an organization rooted in creating a white glove customer experience for the clients, a family/life first culture for the contractors, genuine support, and working together to achieve individual and collective goals. Her biggest accomplishment is raising a brilliant, lovely daughter with her own bright future ahead. Our CEO’s own life journey as a young, single Mom of one, customer care coach, program manager, & now entrepreneur has positioned her to be an authentic ally to Americans all across the country that are looking for viable financial solutions that are flexible to their convenience in today’s volatile economic times.

Mia Simmons

Recruiter, Ascend Virtual Solutions

As a wife and mom of 4 boys, two being new born twins, our recruiter knows first hand how challenging it is to juggle everyday demands of life, yet she balances it all effortlessly through organization and community. She is eager and excited to help you begin your journey with AVS!